Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Experience With My Education In USA

I was student in King Faisal University which is one of the biggest University in the Saudi Arabia. I was studying there for just one year and after that i decided to complete my education in US. My family tried to let me forget this idea because they didn't like it but they couldn't because it was my dream to study in US. Also my father liked my idea and he support me to do it. And now I’m here in US and I got my dream.

Now I’m going to answer some questions it might be helping students who want to study in USA. Also I’m going to give you some advices.

First,why do choose USA?
Too many people keep asking me why did you chose the USA. I would like to telling you I chose USA because it ‘s a really nice country and it’s easy to live here, you just need to follow their rules and the laws.

What are the good things in USA and what are the bad things?
In USA you will see a lot of new things some of them are interesting. For example
you can do whatever you want and no one would care, they have a lot of holidays, activities anywhere at anytime. So in USA you get a high education and you will have fun as well.     

What is my dream degree or job?
After I will finish my education and when I will get my degree i’ll go back home to get a job in my city. First of all I should finish the ESL program. Second, finish the professional pilot degree which is my dream and then become a pilot.

Is it easy to study in US?
Nothing will be easy if you would not study hard. If you need a high grade you can get it because you own your grade. However you need to choose a perfect school because if your school is great, your city also then your psychologically will be great.

Do I like it or not? Why?
I really like being here in USA it’s a beautiful country if you never went here I would like to tell you that you should come and see what I’m talking about. Also you should follow the few rules of the Embassy to get all  the paper you need before coming in the USA

In conclusion, I’d say that we all need to get a special experience in our life. Even if it’s good or bad experiences we should enjoy and leave those moments in our mind. And my advice to you guys if you have a dream, do it and don't let anyone destroy your dreams.